cafe Green

cafe Green, a New Zealand-cuisine café, is just a minute’s walk from 京阪祇園四条駅Keihan Gion-Shijo Station but the day that I went, I walked in a downpour from the 清水Kiyomizu area ( I went right after going to 天Ten) to the café which stopped as soon as I arrived.

The cafe is on the second floor of the 岩橋Iwahashi building.

the door to the café

Established with the image of a New Zealand street-corner café in mind by the owner who has experienced living in New Zealand, a bright and pop atmosphere unlike many of the establishments in Gion and lively music greets one upon opening the door. The café allows artists to display their wares there and once a month there are music-night events.

One has the option of sitting in an area of tables closer to the kitchen in the front or an area with a mix of table and counter seating in the back; I opted for the more secluded back to get myself together after my battle with the rain before settling in to enjoy the environment.

the view of the length of the café from the back

There are plenty of toys and games to keep one occupied until his order arrives.

I chose a counter seat that provides a view of the road outside. Although I already knew what I wanted but still looked through the menu anyway. I ordered a ピンクレモネードソーダpinku lemoneedo sooda (pink lemonade soda),¥650, because it’s not often that pink lemonade is offered in restaurants here, and the ミートパイプレートmiito pai pureeto (meat pie plate), ¥850.


I’ve never had meat pie before but have always heard how delicious it is. And I love mashed potatoes, so I just had to get this plate, and I wasn’t disappointed. The pie crust was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, just as I like pie crusts, and the meat filling was just delicious. The mashed potatoes aren’t the best that I’ve ever had but still worth ordering.

There are plenty on the menu that I want to try that will take several visits to accomplish: salads (the café’s original salad), sandwiches (cranberry-cheese chicken, honey-mustard chicken, feta-cheese salmon), not to mention the sweets (honey French baguette, 黒ゴマの京豆腐チーズケーキkuro-goma no Kyou toufu chiizukeeki (black sesame Kyoto tofu cheesecake) and drinks. There is also a pretty good alcohol menu with the café being open until midnight most of the week (Tuesday is usually a holiday and closing time is at 8:00 pm on Sundays and Happy Monday).

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