Bistro Bar à Vin C

Bistro Bar à Vin C is a French bistro located on 室町通Muromachi Street north of 仏光寺Bukkoji, near 四条駅Shijo Station on the 地下鉄烏丸線subway Karasuma Line. Up until March 28th of this year when it reopened after renovation, it went by the name, “Citron salé”.

under construction when I went in mid-March

the current Bistro Bar à Vin C at night about two months later

The Citron chain has one pâtisserie (Citron sucré to which I’ve been for its renown lemon tart)  and two dining establishments, one of them being Bistro Bar à Vin C. Since dinner would be more costly, I decided to go during lunch earlier this month since it’s not too far from where I work.

the second floor: table seating

the register area and the counter seating

I ordered the lunch A of the day which came with a salad.

牛カイノミのソテー、万願寺とうがらしのソースgyuu kainomi no soote, Manganji tougarashi no soosu (tenderloin steak sautéed in Mangan-ji chili pepper sauce), ¥1500

Needless to say, it was delicious and very filling with the frites and bread. But I still wanted dessert. And although I’m not much of a blue-cheese fan, the ブルーチーズのマカロンburuu chiizu no makaron (blue cheese macaron), two for ¥220, on the dessert list was just calling to me, so I ordered it with a エスプレッソ(シングル)esupuresso (shinguru) (single espresso), ¥200, when one adds a drink to the lunch .

It tasted pretty much like blue cheese sandwiched by macaron; I couldn’t tell if there was any sweetness in the blue cheese cream part but the macaron was sweet enough to have hidden it anyway…I could even see bits of blue in it. I don’t know if I would order it again but I didn’t regret ordering it at all for its originality…besides, I love macaron❤!

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