mahola ‘n’ LuLu

I have often passed mahola ‘n’ LuLu while walking on 六角通Rokkaku Street; it looks like a building you would see in Okinawa plopped right in the middle of Kyoto. It never struck me to actually enter until a couple of weeks ago.

From the name I have assumed that they serve Hawaiian-based cuisine; looking at the menu, one also sees many types of Asian fusion cuisine as well as a good drink and dessert menu. For me, that’s more than enough reason to go inside.

peeking in at the first floor dining space

Upon entering, I was told to go the second floor. Compared to the first floor, there was a lot of light and air circulation, proper to a Hawaiian-style restaurant. A recorded Hawaiian radio station was on (it’s good to hear English sometimes being surrounded constantly by Japanese most of the time). It didn’t feel like Kyoto anymore, more like being in a Southern island. I chose a seat by the window.

Past notebooks with comments from customers can be found in the shelf.accessories for purchasing

I’ve been in a Thai-curry mood lately, so it didn’t take me long to decide on the タイ風ココナッツチキンカレーtai-fuu kokonattsu chikin karee (Thai-style coconut chicken curry); with a トリプルベリージュースtoripuru berii juusu (triple berry juice), because one can order a drink with lunch, this all cost only ¥900.

Compared to other green curries that I’ve had, it was on the mild side, nice to the tummy (although I do like my share of spicy food). I like how the curry was accompanied by multi-grain rice (I LOVE multi-grain rice). I had to be on my way soon, so I didn’t get to try the sweets or coffee as is my habit but I’ll be going back for them sometime. Not only that but mahola ‘n’ LuLu is a great café to relax, whether alone or with friends, and lazily let time pass by.

Update:  After lunch at ベトナム料理コムゴンCom Ngom Kyoto, Maki and I made it over to mahola ‘n’ LuLu to have some after-lunch drinks. Maki finally decided on the triple berry juice, ¥400, that I had last time while I got the ざくろジュースzakuro juusu (pomegranate juice), ¥400.


It was tart and a bit thick, like drinking vinegar…not exactly my kind of drink but I didn’t regret ordering it…I might be in the mood to try it again one of these days.☺

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