Ace cafe

At the top of the Empire Building (I found the name of the building very fitting) on the 10th floor, the Ace cafe provides a stunning view of Kyoto City, primarily 鴨川Kamo River and 東山Higashiyama areas due to being glass-sided on three sides. If one gets there around 5:00 pm when the café opens, one can see the stylish interior and view outside in all its bright glory; if one sticks around until the sun sets, one can witness gradual changes in the city as it gets dark.

during daylight…

and at night

With its late hours, the café seems more like a place for nightlife (dates or parties) but I found it to be so easy to sit back and relax all by myself when I went in late May of this year…maybe it was all the comfortable sofas and chairs around me.

bright and spacious during the day…

romantic and cozy at night

Ace cafe specializes in Italian food. Being a fan of risotto, I couldn’t resist ordering one.

色々のきのことチーズのリゾットiro-iro no kinoko to cheese no rizotto (various mushrooms and cheese risotto), ¥1100

After the meal I had the New York cheesecake and hot caffè latte, a set at ¥940.


Everything was delicious, I was loving the atmosphere of the café as well as the gorgeous view…my heart was so full that it hurt.♥

Update: When Gillian and Barron came to visit Laurel in late June, I was put to the task of deciding the café that would be the setting to introduce David and Nanami to Laurel’s siblings. When I had gone to Ace cafe a month earlier, I had thought it would be nice to bring the Ryans there; remembering that thought, I made a reservation.

my ラザーニャrazaanya (lasagna)

Not quite what I expected in looks but it was tasty nonetheless.

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