ambient café MOLE

While walking along 御幸町通Gokomachi Street in the 御所Gosho area, one may stumble across an overgrowth of greenery in which a camphor tree reaches as high as the fourth floor of the building in front of which it stands. One of frail heart may just walk on but curious passersby may approach to check it out and even go in. The first time that I went about five years ago, I had known to go, or at least Mr. Man had; into healthy food, Mr. Man had searched for organic restaurants at the time and had come across information on ambient café MOLE.

There was less overgrowth back then… (Dec 2008)


A very short path leads to the big wooden door and upon opening it and entering, one feels as if they’ve walked into a dim, tranquil forest.

The owner’s wish in starting this café is to offer a place where people forget the time and just relax while nourishing themselves with healthy food. Ambient music by SOFT, the musical group in which the owner participates, plays in the background as those who are there with a friend chat quietly and those who are alone read a book. During his travels in India, the owner learned how to make the curries that he provides in the café; besides curry, there are also rice dishes and sandwiches as well as sweets and drink menus.

I don’t remember exactly but I believe that I had curry and cake when I came the first time (unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of proof at the time). Making it over after work for a late lunch/early dinner two weekends ago, I had curry this time as well.

くるみとカシューナッツの玄米カレーkurumi to cashew nuts no genmai karee (walnut & cashew nut curry with brown rice), ¥700, which came with a salad

I also ordered a caramel latte, ¥650.

The curry was good and spicy and the nuts made for some good texture (I love food with interesting textures); I love brown rice (could eat it just by itself), so I was satisfied with my meal. The caramel latte was sweet and topped with chocolate sprinkles (at least I think that’s what it was) which made me feel like I had a dessert and drink in one; very satisfied with it, too. I would have loved to stay until it got dark but I wanted to hit one more café before calling it an evening. Anyway, I know where it is and with summer coming I’ll probably want to take refuge in a cool forest sometime. ☺

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