cafe Noinah

*found in Former Kyoto Cafes


Turning off 北山通Kitayama Street before 北山大橋Kitayama Ohashi (Big Bridge), there are a couple of elegant shops and restaurants along the 鴨川Kamo River…there, one will come across cafe Noinah with its red canopy shielding those who are dining outside from the elements.; people with their pets are welcome to dine outside (the entrance is to the right) (top left picture).

Halka agreed to check out the cafe with me when we agreed to meet one day in mid-May. We were seated at a table closest to the kitchen and register (top right picture) next to the window looking out on the terrace seating and Kamo River. The mood of cafe Noinah was lively; I saw no customer alone (second picture from the top right).

The café menu consists of a wide variety of cuisine that are filling in portion. Since families come often, there’s even a kid menu. They even have a take-out menu; I wish that I lived close enough to take advantage of this option.

I hadn’t had lunch when I went in mid-May, so I ordered the チキンマリネベーグルサンドchikin marine behguru sando (chicken mariné bagel sandwich), ¥700 (bottom left picture). Although the mariné got all over my fingers, it was delicious! Halka got the チョコマッドケーキchoko maddo kehki (chocolate mud cake) with coffee, ¥850 (second picture from the bottom right). I have to admit, I haven’t really had too much mud pie but it tasted more like a gâteau chocolat…it was good, though (Halka thought so, too). After I finished my sandwich, the waitress brought my Oreo New York cheesecake and coffee, ¥800 (bottom right picture). This cake is one of the best cakes that I’ve had in Japan. Rich and creamy interrupted with a tad bit of chocolate, I could have eaten it forever♥.

Update: I’m sad to announce that cafe Noinah closed its doors on June 22, 2014…I’m sad that I couldn’t go back one more time to have the amazing Oreo cheesecake that I’ll never forget.

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