Cafe Jinta

Close to 地下鉄烏丸線烏丸御池駅Subway Karasuma Line Karasuma Oike Station, it would be easy to overlook Cafe Jinta which is on the second floor of Karasuma Annex on the heavily trafficked 三条通Sanjo Street if they didn’t have such a simple yet cute sign on the sidewalk to catch one’s eye.

looking up at the second floor where the café is (take the stairs up)

The café has a natural and homey feel to it due to the great use of wood and greenery. It was very easy for me to stay awhile to work on some things and read a book; I especially like the window with counter seats that provide a great view of the road below, great for people who come alone.

the view from the entrance

the tables against the window with a view of the stairs up


The guitar on the wall to the right is a guitar that the guitarist owner picked up during his travel in Chicago. There are sometimes live performances at the café.

 The first time that I went in mid-March, I wasn’t very hungry, so I only ordered a drink.

はちみつレモンソーダhachimitsu remon sooda (honey lemon soda), ¥600

The next time that I went in early May, I went with the intention of having lunch and some.

やわらかチキンカレープレートyawaraka chikin karee pureeto (soft chicken curry plate), ¥850, which came with soup and a small dessert

のむ酢ジュース(マンゴ&オレンジ) nomu su juusu(mango to orenji) (drinking vinegar juice (mango & orange)), ¥600

 ホットカフェオレーhotto cafe oree (hot café au lait), ¥550, to keep me company while I got some organizing done

The soft chicken curry plate was filling and good; maybe because I saw chili con carne on the menu (gotta have that sometime), I felt that there was a taste of chili in the curry. ☺ The drinking vinegar was refreshing after walking from Nijo Station and I just felt healthy. The café au lait was good; I especially liked “shoveling” the sugar in, haha!

The menu often changes offering seasonal food and drinks. When I first went, I was planning to have the berry vinegar soda that I saw in 京都とっておきのカフェKyoto Totte-Oki no Café but it was no longer on the menu; hopefully I’ll eventually get to have it. Anyway, next time, the chili con carne. ☺

Update: In mid-May of the following year, I went back with Nana and Muroti because we were in the area and I thought it would be a calm-enough spot for Murotchi to write her resumé while we chatted.

Nana and Muroti both ordered a chocolate & banana while I ordered an アイスはちみつレモンティーaisu hachimitsu remon tii (iced honey lemon tea), ¥700, because I was more thirsty than hungry and it turned out to be just the refreshing drink that I needed.


We were “kicked out” due to earlier closing hours for a live performance or the practicing for one, I’m not sure, but it gave us plenty of time to chat and enjoy some nice drinks while passing the time before the girls’ next engagement and I got myself home.

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