Bukkoji cafe marble仏光寺店

On the north side of 仏光寺Bukkoji Temple, cafe marble would look like most machiyas if it wasn’t for the turquoise blue found in the signs outside.

While waiting to be seated in mid-March when I went, I admired the beautiful turquoise blue counter that displays tarts for take-out…behind it is the open kitchen from which the delicious aroma of tarts and quiche, the café’s specialty, waft.

The café’s mascot character, a bear, and a gentleman (one sees only the bottom half of the gentleman in this picture) is painted on the wall along with the café’s name; the artist is a designer at Marble.co, a design corporation that also produced cafe marble.

Antique chairs provide comfort that makes one feel at home and willing to stay awhile.

I was seated at the counter facing the bookshelf, perfect for someone alone…on the menu is the bear mascot character that I mentioned earlier. Although one would choose to have quiche when he’s not had lunch yet, I chose the risotto because most of the time I can’t resist risotto when it’s on a menu.

リゾット(えび・きのこ・ドライトマト・カシューナッツ)rizotto (ebi – kinoko – dorai tomato – kashuunatsu) (shrimp, mushroom, dried tomato and cashew nut risotto), ¥1000, which comes with salad

and small dessert and drink (I chose hot café au lait).

I had to at least get one of the specialties of the café.

チョコラズベリータートchoko razuberii taato (chocolate-raspberry tart), ¥450

The risotto was delicious; how could it not be with a mix of those ingredients? Also, I like how hard the rice was, that’s my kind of risotto!♥ The tart was as delicious as it sounds, enough said.

I was so impressed with the tart that I ended up buying some ココアラズベリーメレンゲkokoa razuberii merenge (cocoa-raspberry meringue), ¥250, to go (it was tempting me next to the register as I paid).

Needless to say, I enjoyed it, too! Next time, I will have myself some quiche! ☺

Update: My friend, Yoko, whom I haven’t seen since she studied for a year at my college my freshman year, was in Kyoto with her husband, just in time for Gion Festival this year, so we made plans to meet, even though I had to make it to Arashiyama for a blues concert later in the evening. I chose cafe marble because it’s: 1)  close to Shijo Street, the center of Gion Festival, 2) close to where I work and 3) ideal as a modern yet Kyoto-like environment in which to chat.

Our seating was near the kitchen.

Because I mentioned that the キウイの焼タルトkiui no yaki taruto (baked kiwi tart), ¥450, is recommended in one of my café books, Yoko and her husband decided to share one (they had already eaten before meeting me). They let me have a bit; it was delicious. ☺

I had an iced café au lait with my chocolate-raspberry tart (yeah, I had what I ordered last time). I finished the café au lait before the Taniguchis finished their coffee, so I ordered another drink.

アイスくろみつきなこミルクaisu kuromitsu kinako miruku (iced brown sugar syrup and soybean powder milk),  ¥650

I was impressed, so much that I said, “Sugoi kinako miruku!”. I recommend it for anyone who wants a drink on the sweet and rich side without being too much over all.

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