Fukumimi Pancake & Dining

I first heard about Fukumimi (which means “ears with big earlobes”, a sign of good fortune) from an acquaintance in early March; soon after that, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across it while walking from 二条駅Nijo Station along 姉小路通Aneyakoji Street. I saved going there until late March (the day that I went to café 火裏連花Karirenge about which I’ve already posted).

It felt like it only rained when I was walking outside that day…I was starting to wonder if I was just another 雨女ame-onna (a woman whose presence causes rain) when I got to Fukumimi, I was even more soaked (still hadn’t dried off from the rain earlier). I chose a seat at the counter which looked out onto the street.

looking up (there’s a loft area up there)


Despite it being a Hawaiian café (and supposedly decorated to give off a sense of being in Hawaii) , it felt very much like a lot of the modern Japanese-style cafés in Kyoto. But the atmosphere is relaxed and I did feel like I could stay as long as I liked without irritating the staff. ☺


another counter seating that looks into the kitchen


the front near my seat


As one can tell from the name, Fukumimi specializes in pancakes. Since I like my pancakes pretty simple, along with a ホットカフェラテーhotto cafe rate (hot caffè latte), ¥500, I ordered the プレーンバターミルクパンケーキpureen bataa miruku pankeeki (plain buttermilk pancakes), ¥600. It came with maple syrup, vanilla butter and whipped cream but I asked for it without whipped cream. The top pancake comes branded with the logo of the café.


Although the pancakes were not like the ones back home, they were good “hotcakes” and I really liked the vanilla butter. I’m curious about the rest of the food menu that includes loco mocos, sandwiches, etc. so I’ll be going back again (hopefully it won’t be raining then).

Update: My co-worker had an opportunity to go to Fukumimi a couple of months after I went and has been hooked on their スパムむすびsupamu musubi (Spam rice ball), ¥200, since then…she brought one back for me in mid-September when she was out.

I haven’t had Spam for awhile but this musubi helped me realize how good that it can be. The combination of the savory and salty Spam, the sweet and sour たくあんtakuan (yellow pickled radish) and white rice was perfect; I’m going to have make my way down again to get some more.☺

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