timepiece cafe

timepiece cafe is on the third and fourth floor of an older building on Shijo Street that connects to Hankyu Kawaramachi Station. I found it from Shijo Street when I decided to check it out in early April of this year and if it wasn’t for this sign almost jutting out onto the sidewalk, I would have just walked past it.

Upon finding the sign, I entered the narrow alley in front of which the sign was which led me to a flight of stairs…signs with the café’s menu were at the bottom. I went up to the third floor where the entrance was. All the seats were occupied when I arrived, so I had to wait on a bench next to the entrance but not for too long with it being a weekday and after lunch hours.

With Shijo Street bustling with shoppers or people on the job moving from destination to destination, there’s a need for such a calm and relaxing atmosphere that the café provides; soft lighting inspired by Northern European-style lights and slow jazz and soul music help in creating this environment.

the area near the kitchen

the area two steps down

I got the オムライスランチomuraisu lanchi (omurice lunch), ¥1000, which came with a cup of consommé soup (often served with meals in Japanese cafés) and a drink (I ordered an ice tea)…all the lunches come with soup and drink.

The egg was fluffy (a must for omurice) and the sauce was rich with a bit of tang…although I prefer omurice with butter rice (anything except ketchup, I guess), I would definitely recommend this.

I wanted to hit another café before I called it a day, so I forewent dessert for another day…with it being close to my workplace, I’ll be going again soon!

Update: Over five months later, I went to timepiece to grab lunch before heading into work. I was told to wait briefly before being led two steps up to the area near the kitchen by the entrance which had undergone some changes since the last time that I was there to accomodate only counter seating…guess that’s ideal for customers who are hitori-sama.

The last time that I was here, I sat in the seat on the far left.

the shelf overhead…

I had hoped to have the omurice again but I was told right before ordering that they had stopped serving omurice for the day…I’m sure that my half-joking disappointment rang clearly throughout the café.

I eventually went with the カレーランチkare ranchi (curry lunch), ¥1000, although I was so hot from walking to the café. It was more soupy than most curries but good and spicy, worth my ongoing flushed face from eating it. I especially liked the れんこんチップスrenkon chippusu (lotus root chips) standing in my rice.

I had my drink, アイスコーヒーaisu koohii (iced coffee), after my meal with a 抹茶のチーズケーキmaccha no chiizukeeki (green tea cheesecake), ¥550.


It had been tough deciding between this or the gâteau chocolat but it’s white chocolate in the description for the cheesecake that got me. It was just as good as I had hoped but I had to rush through it (I hate doing that!) to get to work on time (I ended up being giri-giri (barely on time) but on time nonetheless). Next time, I’ll have to give myself more time.

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