café BLEU

café BLEU is a hip little café whose name is derived from the title of an album of a British band from the early 80’s. I decided to try this café which I found it in the 京都とっておきのカフェKyoto Totte-Oki no Café book when Laurel, Kim-Chi and I met Yui for lunch in 伏見Fushimi this past weekend.

the counter


The wishes from Tanabata, or the Star Festival, celebrated the day before were still hanging off bamboo grass in the front.

the view of seats behind us (we sat in the seat in the back)


The owner plays folk, soul, rock, pop, bossa nova, jazz and any other music that he prefers from the 60’s to 80’s.

A bookshelf is proof that you can come and just relax, whether alone or with a group.

Yui got the 海鮮ドリア(クリーム)セットkaisen doria (kuriimu) setto (the seafood cream doria set), ¥850.

Kim-Chi and I both got the タイ風カレーセットtai-fuu kareh setto (Thai-style curry set), ¥850.

The salad had a yummy smoked oil dressing which made me wish that there was more salad. The curry was milder than most Thai-style curry but it was delicious nonetheless.

Yui and I added the cake set for ¥350 to our meal which came with a mini cake and drink…I chose gâteau au chocolat and espresso.

Laurel got the normal gâteau au chocolat which came with ice cream; otherwise, I didn’t see a considerable amount of difference in size.

Kim-Chi ordered the baked cheesecake.

The gâteau au chocolat was exactly the thing to satisfy my recent craving. The girls all seemed satisfied with their café BLEU experience, especially because our waitress, Yumiko, surprised us with her fluent English and was very helpful and friendly while we were there. Definitely want to go there again! ☺

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