Dining Kitchen éa café

About a 10 minute walk from 阪急西院駅Hankyu Saiin Station, Dining Kitchen éa café looks like an exotic tree house being on the second floor of the building, COUNTRY☆BUU.

The café feels spacious due to a high ceiling; the windows let in plenty of light and when they’re open, it feels like one is outside. There are all kinds of seating, from chairs to sofas to counter seats, even seating out on the terrace, to fit each customer’s reason for coming to the café. Whether alone, with company or with small children, it’s easy to feel at home here. The first time that I went in April of this year, I went with Ly, a friend from my JET years, and her two children; we had finished lunch at another café close by and were in the mood for dessert.

Ly got ホットチャイhotto chai (hot chai), ¥540, and I got a ホットカフェオーレhotto kafe oore (hot café au lait), ¥540, which came in the café’s original cups.

When I saw フレンチトーストFurenchi toosuto (French toast), ¥450, on the menu, I just had to get it; Ly’s daughter was also inspired to get it, too.

It turned out to be one of the best French toast that I’ve eaten here. I usually like my French toast crispy on the outside and with a bit of egg covering it and that’s exactly how it was. I asked for no whipped cream but they gave it to me on the side anyway.

The second time that I went, I went with Laurel to have lunch; we picked a counter seat by the window looking out at the front of the café.

Laurel ordered the 黒ひげバーガーランチKurohige baagaa ranchi (Black Beard burger lunch), ¥850, with avocado for an extra ¥84.I got the チキンカレーランチchikin karee ranchi (chicken curry lunch), ¥850; for my drink, I chose アイスティーaisu tii (iced tea).

Laurel enjoyed the burger although she was afraid to put it down in fear of it falling apart. My curry is just the thing to order when in the mood for good Japanese curry. And my iced tea actually tasted like iced tea back home; Laurel said that she had drink-envy. ☺

While her siblings had been here, Laurel had been craving French toast, so we decided to split one after our pretty-filling meals…I had a ホットカフェラッテhotto kafe ratte (hot caffè latte), ¥570, to go with my share of French toast.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get my caffè latte in the café’s original cup; maybe that’s just for chai or café au lait?

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