Teramachi boogaloo cafe寺町店2F

The first time that I went to a boogaloo cafe was in mid-March of this year, the one on 百万遍Hyakumanben, when I met Ikon, David, Seiki and Sara with Kim-Chi for lunch before attending the 森の手づくり市Mori no Tedzukuri Ichi (Handmade Market in the Woods) at 下賀茂神社Shimogamo Shrine where Katsu was vending some of his delicious wares (Vietnamese sandwiches, tacos and onion soup). The spaghetti that I had was delicious and came with all-you-can-eat bread from their bread bar; sweets and coffee were great, too. Upon receiving a boogaloo café point card there, I found that there are other cafes for this chain in the city, including the more central 寺町Teramachi one that I saw in another café book; I hoped to check out the others sometime.

Earlier this month, I went to Kyoto with Kim-Chi to hang out. I suggested going to timepiece cafe so that we could have sweets and coffee but we got distracted by the sign for a boogaloo cafe while walking through the 寺町新京極商店街Teramachi-Shinkyogoku Shopping Street…we decided to try this boogoloo cafe instead.

We took the stairs up to the second floor of the 詩の小路ビルUtanokoji Building, affectionately known by the locals as “ウタコUtako”.

We were allowed to choose any open table; we ended up sitting a a two-seater in the middle of the place by the window. Stylish like the Hyakumanben cafe, the dim lighting makes for a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for chatting with a friend or just hanging out alone. Both boogaloo cafes seem to be popular with students and young crowds, probably because the food is reasonably priced, similar to Japanese family restaurants.

the back dining area

the dining area in the front that looks out on the shopping street


We weren’t especially hungry despite the temptation of all-you-can-eat bread (baked in the bakery on the third floor) here, too. Kim-Chi got the アイスカフェラッテaisu kafe ratte (iced caffè latte), ¥577, while I got the アイスハニーラッテaisu hanii ratte (iced honey latte), ¥630.

My honey latte had espresso; the bitterness of the espresso and the sweetness of honey mixed with milk made for a lovely dessert and drink in one. When I have more of an appetite, I want to go back for the large selection of pasta, pizza and salad, not to mention the bread bar. ☺

Update: A month later, I met Margaret here to chat after I got off work…if I wasn’t meeting an old friend from my year in Lyon for dinner later, I would have eaten a meal. Once again, I had to forego a meal here. Margaret got a フランボワーズとカスタードのタルトfuranbowahzu to kasutahdo no taruto (frambroise and custard tart, barely seen in two pictures below), ¥473, and a ココナッツバナナフレーヴァーラッテkokonattsu banana fureevaa ratte (coconut-banana flavored latte, white version of my latte), ¥630, while I got the バナナヌブラウニーbananane brownie, ¥473,

and バニライチゴフレーヴァーラッテbanira ichigo fureevaa ratte (vanilla-strawberry flavored latte), ¥630.

Margaret really liked her tart which she got because she’s a fan of custard; she let me have a bit and although I’m not a fan of custard, I found the combination of raspberry and custard to balance each other out, just enough sour and sweet. My brownie was a very good gâteau au chocolat but still not my idea of a brownie…on goes my quest for authentic brownies in Japanese cafes and restaurants.

The waitress who took our orders remembered me from when I came with Kim-Chi (we had discussed then how similar “pitcher” and “picture” sounds)! Being greeted like a jouren (regular customer) makes a place all the more easier to frequent. ☺

Update: Over two weeks later, Mason and I went in to Kyoto on my day off to check out more cafes. The restaurant at which we had intended to dine was full due to reservations, so I suggested boogaloo cafe which was relatively near and Mason agreed to it.

going up to the second floor

After arriving and poring over the menu for a long time before ordering, then requesting to move from our table by the kitchen to a table next to the window that looked out onto Teramachi, we were ready to go get some bread.

the bread bar…with a meal, it’s all-you-can-eat.

I got the ハムとサワークリームのサラダhamu to sawaa kuriimu no sarada (ham & sour cream salad) lunch,¥892 which came with bread bar and a drink (I chose アイスティーaisu tii (iced tea).


Maybe it’s hard to tell from the picture but my salad came in a medium-sized stainless steel bowl that looked like it could be used for cooking. Because the bowl was pretty big, I got full from just the salad which was refreshingly perfect for such a hot day.

Mason’s lunch, ¥994, at a glance: ベーコンとなすのトマトパスタbeekon to nasu no tomato pasuta (bacon and eggplant spaghetti in a tomato sauce) which came with soup, salad, all-you-can-eat bread and a drink (she got ホットティーhotto tii (hot tea)).

Mason said that she was satisfied with her meal, in volume and taste. I want to try the pasta next time, too. ☺

Update: About a year after going last, I went back to boogaloo with Nana and Jun-chan when Nana came down to Kyoto from Osaka for a day to see Jun-chan; since I had work until mid-afternoon, I could only join them for a chat over drinks. The waitress that had served me before was there but she was busy in the kitchen when we were being seated…I’m not sure if she would have recognized me since I had been away for a year.


Unfortunately, I can’t remember what Nana and Jun-chan had but I got the グレナデンオレンジgrenadine orange, ¥630 (closest drink in the picture). Our drinks were exactly what we needed after being out in the heat and humidity for a good part of the day. Not only is the food menu attractive but boogaloo has a wide variety of drinks, which is what we were looking for in a place to relax and catch up without having to order something to eat (we’d already had lunch before meeting up). Next time, I’m going back to eat! ☺

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