Chang Noi

My co-worker friends, Kate and Karen, and I would often come to Chang Noi for lunch about four or five years ago after we finished our morning classes because it was only two subway stations away. I will always have good memories of Chang Noi, not only because of the addictively-delicious food that they serve but because of the wonderful talks that I used to have with my colleagues here.

We often sat in this area at the front

because the rest were floor seating.

The chef is from Chiang Mai in the northeastern region of Thailand. I recommend a チャンノイのお昼ごはんChang Noi no o-hiru gohan (Chang Noi’s Lunch), which comes with a Thai-style salad, the soup of the day, two side dishes and a main dish which is usually less than ¥1000, because of the variety in the set. One can change the soup to tom yam kung for ¥200, add a drink for ¥200 or add drink and dessert for ¥300.

甘辛牛肉ココナッツミルクカレーama-kara gyuuniku kokonattsu miruku karee (sweet and spicy beef red curry), with 青いパパイヤのサラダaoi papaiya no sarada (green papaya salad),タイ風生春巻きTai-fuu nama harumaki (Thai-style spring rolls), タイ風玉子焼きTai-fuu tamagoyaki (Thai-style fried egg) and  海老と豚挽き肉の春雨サラダ(shrimp and pork vermicelli salad) this day, ¥950

鶏肉のグリーンカレーtoriniku no guriin karee (chicken green curry), ¥900

my favorite and what I tended to get, タイ風焼きそばTai-fuu yakisoba (Thai-style fried noodles, phat thai), ¥900

ホットタイティーhotto Tai tii (hot Thai tea) with milk and あずきとタピオカココナッツミルクazuki to tapioka no koknattsu miruku (red beans and tapioca in coconut milk)

The girls asked me what I wanted to eat for my birthday this year; because I was craving green curry, they reserved a table at Chang Noi.

Having been without Chang Noi cuisine for a year and a half. All day I debated whether I should have green curry or phat thai; I finally decided to get what I had originally planned. Nanami and I shared the salad and side dishes of the Chang Noi course.

海老と豚挽き肉の春雨サラダ(shrimp and pork vermicelli salad)

揚げ春巻age harumaki (fried spring rolls) and 但馬鶏のスパイシー唐揚げ (Tajima ushi no supaishii karaage (Tajima beef spicy fried chicken)

豆腐と春雨と豚挽肉のスープtoufu to harusame to buta hikiniku no suupu (tofu, vermicelli and minced pork soup)

鶏肉のグリーンカレーとタイ産ジャスミンライスtoriniku no guriin karee to Thai-san jazumin raisu (chicken green curry with Thai jasmine rice)

Needless to say, I was satisfied with my meal. Although I was stuffed, I still ordered an iced Thai tea and the red bean and tapioca in coconut milk that I love (sorry, no picture of that because I forgot to take one in my excitement). ☺

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