gurigura café

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In April of this year, I decided to use my lunch break to go to gurigura café which is close to 四条通Shijo Street. I had gone searching for it earlier on a Wednesday, my day off, but after making circles several times and finally checking my café book, I discovered that it was closed on Wednesdays. This time, I had no trouble finding it despite the subtle sign for the café (top left picture).

When I walked in, I was the only customer, so I had the liberty of choosing whatever seat that I wanted…I chose the one that looked out on to the street. The shelves are filled with books that one can freely read while at the café, one of which is what the café is named after (middle left picture).

With a primarily wood interior, the small café offers the coziness of a room at home, especially due to the comfortable-looking couch (top right picture). If everyone who comes feels this way, then the owner’s intention wasn’t in vain.

And on top of that, the menu includes healthy dishes using the freshest ingredients. The rice served is a mix of white and brown rice, cooked in an iron pot the old-fashioned way. I chose the 麦味噌仕立ての親子どんぶりmugi miso-shitate no oyako donburi (chicken and egg in barley miso sauce rice bowl), ¥850, which came with potato miso soup and tsukemono (Japanese pickles) (bottom left picture). For dessert, I got the cake set, ¥750…I chose the キャラメルNYチーズケーキkyarameru NY chiizukeeki (caramel New York cheesecake) and ホットアーモンドカフェラッテhotto aamondo kafe ratte (hot almond caffè latte) (bottom right picture).

I had brought some work to do, so I had plenty of time to enjoy my delicious (and filling) meal, complete with dessert and coffee. There was no rushing customers out to bring in new customers of which there were plenty. The staff took their numbers to call them when a seat opened up and the waiting customers left expecting the possibility of not be called for a while. Lovely place, I’d like to go again. ☺

Update: When I went with the intention to lunch at gurigura at the beginning of November of the next year, I found it to be to be gone and replaced by a French diner called AU DISCO that had opened in mid-October a couple of weeks ago (I got the shop card and made a mental note to go sometime). When I checked the café’s website, I found that they had closed in late June after eight years of service. I regret that I had only gone once but I’m glad that I was able to experience it at least that once.

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