Kyoto 生Nama Chocolat Organic Tea House

When David asked me in April of this year if I had ever been to the Kyoto 生Nama Chocolat Organic Tea House close to 平安神宮Heian Shrine, I exclaimed excitedly, “No, but I want to go sometime!” I had read about this tea house in several café books, as well as searched online for information on it, and had been very interested in going. A couple, a Japanese man who used to work in New York as a chef and his wife of Canadian descent, runs the tea house in a 100-year-old machiya where they live. Although the specialty is 生チョコnama choko (handmade chocolates), they also serve cakes as well as drinks to go with the sweets.

The same day that David, Kim-Chi, Laurel and I went to 菓子・茶房 Sweets & Teahouse: cheka, we also went to Kyoto 生Nama Chocolat Tea House.

the path to the tea house where the owners’ dog was napping by the entrance

the front garden

the area in the room where we were served closest to the garden

the owner’s wife, Sherry, serving us tea

a storybook by Sherry

tea on the house

We all decided to get the 生チョコレート4種ひと皿nama chokoreeto yon-shu hito-sara (4-homemade chocolate plate), ¥500; for my drink I chose アイスタンポポコーヒーaisu tanpopo koohii (iced dandelion coffee),  ¥550.


The chocolates were creamy and rich, melting in our mouths like extraordinary nama choco should. My dandelion coffee was light and flavorful, a perfect match for the chocolate. Sherry even explained to us how to make dandelion coffee and was a friendly and helpful hostess. I definitely recommend it for anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to relax in a peaceful environment with Japanese charm expected of a café in Kyoto.

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