Sanjo mumokuteki cafe & foods 三条店

*found in Former Kyoto Cafes


Where Rika and I had a bagel-based lunch three years ago on 三条通Sanjo Street, on the second floor of the Sanjo TC Bldg with the よーじやカフェYojiya cafe on the first floor, has been replaced recently with mumokuteki cafe & foods. In February of this year, Kim-Chi and I went to the Kyoto mumokuteki on 御幸町通Gokomachi Street and had a delicious organic meal. I expected the same when I went to the Sanjo one near the end of last month.

Using natural and simple interior and incorporating green into the décor (top pictures & bottom right picture), the café tries to create a relaxed atmosphere where customers can enjoy a healthy menu that uses as little meat and dairy products as possible, no artificial flavoring and only organic vegetables. Even those who don’t really take to vegetables should find it easy to eat anything on the menu.

After much contemplation, I chose the キノコと小松菜のリゾットkinoko to komatsuna no rizotto (mushroom & Japanese mustard spinach risotto), ¥950 (bottom middle picture), which came with salad (bottom left picture). For dessert I ordered the クラッシック豆腐チーズケーキkurasshiku toufu chiizukeeki (classic tofu cheesecake), ¥500 (center picture), and アイスたんぽぽコーヒーaisu tanpopo koohii (iced dandelion coffee), ¥450 (middle left picture).

Eating the risotto felt like eating a fresh tomato and the flavoring was just right…perfect even for those with little appetite. The cheesecake was better than I expected: with a subtly sweet and creamy texture and a yummy sturdy oatmeal-y crust, I could have eaten it forever. The dandelion coffee made me feel like I got two drinks in one: coffee and tea. This was one meal that didn’t leave me feeling guilty.

The area outside the café sells mumokuteki goods and wear.

Update: Almost a year later, I just passed last weekend and found that it was no longer there…apparently it closed down at the end of last year. For those who were interested in trying the food here, the Kyoto mumokuteki is still in business.

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