Lily’s cafe

*found in Former Kyoto Cafes


Lily’s cafe is one of the most memorable cafés in my mind because it was one of the first Kyoto cafés with which I was impressed. I went there in late April 2007 which is the last time that my parents came to visit me. I had taken them to 出町ふたばDemachi Futaba to get some of their famous 豆餅mame-mochi (bean rice cake) for Mommy and Daddy, especially because Mommy loves red bean paste. I’d probably rushed my parents into Kyoto without coffee that morning; my parents HAVE to have coffee to function for the day, so we looked for a café. We came across Lily’s close by on 今出川通Imadegawa Street; I was a little hesitant to go into unknown territory at first (this used to be me) but my parents urged me to go in, so in we went…beside, how can one not go in with the inviting words, ゆっくりyukkuri (at ease), ゆったりyuttari (relaxing) and ほっこりhokkori (a feeling of relief) all at once?☺ (see top left picture)

We entered into a pretty, colorful interior space after taking the wine-colored stair path up to the second floor (see top middle picture)…to our left was the windows letting in plenty of light (see top right picture) and to our right was the kitchen area (see bottom right picture). We took a seat at the table furthest in closest to the windows…the space next to us was decorated in a cute, feminine manner (see bottom middle picture); the seating closest to the entrance was more colorful and a pleasure to gaze upon when I turned around (see middle right picture).

There was only one staff member, probably the owner; she brought us an English menu which saved me from having to translate.

My カフェオレcafé au lait, ¥500, came with a stroopwafel, perched on my cup just like this (see bottom left picture).

Daddy can always eat, so he got トーストtoast, ¥300, with his ブレンドコーヒーblended coffee, ¥450 (see middle left picture).

Mommy’s coffee came capped with a stroopwafel.☺ (see middle picture)

We were the only customers the entire time that we were there. I remember it being nice to have the place to ourselves. The owner was friendly in a genteel Kyoto-madame way.

Ah, I think that I’m going to have to make it over there sometime when the weather cools down.

Update: Unfortunately, I’m afraid that Lily’s cafe no longer exists…in late August 2014, I looked for it but couldn’t even find the building that was the cafe.

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