Citron sucré

*Found in Former Kyoto Cafes


I went to Citron sucré for the first time in early June 2010, back when it was still just “Citron”. It was also the first time that I spent time with Jun and Shun after meeting them half a year before. One of Shun’s friends had recommended the lemon tart there, so he suggested going there. Although we got a table, the place was packed. I believe that we all got the tart and ordered drinks. Before leaving I bought Jun and Shun (as well as myself) some macarons from Citron to take home as omiyage; Jun bought me some cookies from there as omiyage, too (great minds think alike♥).

gift from Jun: from top- polvorón and sablé citron (June 2010)

Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back but anytime I pass it, it seems full of customers. In early September I decided that I’d go and wait if I had to. I didn’t have to wait but the only seats available were at the counter in front of the kitchen (center picture) between two people. Fortunately they were friendly and quickly made room for me.

Goodies to be taken home (top right picture) and the display case of sweets (middle right picture) were at the entrance as well as other goods for sale (middle top picture), making plenty of room for eating in. The interior was rusticly chic (middle left picture); two cute bird (the emblem of Citron) light fixtures stood out the most in my mind (bottom left picture). If I could have chosen any seat, I would have loved to sit at the counter space that looked out on 姉小路通Aneyakoji Street (bottom middle picture).

I spent the first five minutes trying to cool down after walking from near 五条通Gojo Street (Citron is near the intersection of Aneyakoji Street and 室町通Muromachi Street). I had come intending to order the lemon tart again but I took a look at the menus anyway (the menus are made of cloth which I found so cool!).

I got the タルトシトロンtaruto shitoron (lemon pie), ¥380, and since salty caramel flavoring is also a specialty of Citron, so I had to get the アイス塩キャラメルミルクaisu shio kyarameru miruku (iced salty caramel milk), ¥550 (bottom right picture). I thought that the pie had been glazed in gold, that’s how much it glistened! The lemon filling was sweet, rich and full of lemon flavor, refreshing for someone who had been out in the heat. The crust was just perfect, crispy and buttery. I can see why this pie is one of the most recommended sweets there. The salty caramel milk was flavorful and expanded in my mouth every time that I took a sip; it in itself could satisfy without the help of a cake or other sweets.

I bought two lemon macarons, ¥220, and a postcard by a local artist, ¥150, before leaving. One of the best macarons that I’ve had in Japan.☺



FYI: Citron sucré is part of the same chain as Bistro Bar à Vin C; the blue cheese macarons that I had at Bistro Bar à Vin C is also sold at Citron sucré.

Update: I recently heard from Hasegawa-san that as of March 23, 2014, Citron sucré closed its doors…for those who still want to have their amazing sweets, please go to Bistro Bar à Vin C or Citron Blé.

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