Bazaar Café

Bazaar Café occupies a 90-year-old Western-style building which used to be the home of a missionary close to Doshisha University. Sadly, it is only open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I think that my former co-worker raved about this place in a conversation that we had about five, six years ago. There is plenty of greenery surrounding the café which makes one think that he is in the countryside.

at the gate

the path to the entrance

the deck area (the café staff built it!)

the entrance…please change from your shoes to slippers or go barefoot because shoes aren’t allowed in here (for a more comfortable, at-home stay).

The day that I went in late April of this year, the place was bustling (and hot) from a bazaar (fitting!) held at the time; after everyone left in the early evening, it was so peaceful.

the counter with the menu written above

There are books and comics available for the customers.

The 日替わりワンプレートhigawari wan pureeto (daily one-plate meal) is a deal for ¥500; the cuisine changes everyday (Thursdays = Brazilian, Fridays = Filipino and Saturdays = Thai) and is even made by someone from the country that it represents.

I went the day that they served Thai cuisine: タイ風やきそばTai-fuu yakisoba (Thai-style fried noodles).

Since I was planning to stay for awhile, I ordered a アイスキャラメルオーレaisu kyarameru oore (iced caramel au lait), ¥400, too.

The bazaar ended soon after I arrived and I worked on some things in the middle of all the clean-up. With the cool, refreshing breeze coming through the open café, I ended up staying long enough to finish my drink and order another one, hot this time.

ショコラオーレshokola oore (chocolat au lait), ¥400

The salad and the soup (わかめスープwakame (seaweed) soup) wasn’t very Thai-like but the food was good. The prices are on the cheap side, appropriate for being close to a university. I can’t wait to try other dishes; hopefully I won’t time my visit with a bazaar.☺

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