Halka came back for the first time since moving to Tokyo last month in mid-September and I had the privilege of being one of the few people that she met. She also invited an old friend from church, Kyoko, to join us because she thought that we would get along (we’re both into exploring different cafés in Kyoto). Although we met for the first time, we had no problem making conversation.

Because Halka had the car that day, Kyoko suggested FOODIES CAFE nifty in Iwakura because she had taken a liking to the place when she’d gone before with a friend. Of course I wanted to try it because I hadn’t been yet. It turned out to be right next to DORF, a popular café in Iwakura to which I went with a former co-worker back in February 2008.

One could mistake it for a home from the outside.

the front: the sweets display case

The table closest to the left is where we ended up sitting…

but first we took a seat in this room until a table opened up in the main room (today they were using it for something else later, so we could only stay an hour).

Kyoko’s seat last time

Finally we got situated at our table next to the staircase for the evening.

a real fireplace

I ordered the グリーンカレーguriin karee (green curry), ¥980.

Halka had the フレッシュ野菜とアボカドのサンドfuresshu yasai to abokado no sando (fresh vegetables & avocado sandwich), ¥ 780 (perfect because she doesn’t eat meat).

Kyoko got the ロコモコroko-moko (loco moco), ¥980.

Halka and Kyoko both enjoyed their dishes. My green curry was on the mild side but still tasty; if it had been spicier, I would have been full but I still had room for dessert and coffee now.

After we let the food settle in our stomachs, Halka ordered the モンブランタルトセットmon buran taruto setto (mont blanc tart set), ¥950, with ホットコーヒーhotto koohii (hot coffee).

Chocolate sounded good to me, so I got the ガトーショコラセットgatoo shokora (gâteau chocolat), ¥900, with ホットコーヒーhotto koohii (hot coffee).

Kyoko had just the ホットカフェモカhotto kafe moka (hot caffè mocha), ¥550, which looked like a dessert and drink in one.

Everyone enjoyed their choices. As far as my experience is concerned, my gâteau chocolat is probably one of the best gâteau chocolat that I’ve had if not the best. Moist and rich, I savored each little bite until the end. Can’t wait to have that again!

Not only is the interior charming and cozy enough to make me want to stay all day, the café at night is a beacon of warmth to anyone outside nearby; no wonder that people were still coming when we left (and it was getting late when we left).

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