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The first time that I went to the machiya café & ryokan cinq cafe was in early June 2010; les trois maisons is another machiya café & ryokan of the same chain located in 西陣Nishijin. It was the first time to hang out with Jun and Shun and Jun had researched a nice café at which to lunch. After getting lost a bit despite having a guide book and map with us, we finally came upon the café after turning on to 御幸町通Gokomachi Street from 三条通Sanjo Street. We were seated in a room in the back and I remember that there was a lot of sunlight coming in through the window, or the lighting was bright. I had the 仔羊のカレーkohitsuji no karee (lamb curry) with iced tea and although the curry was good, I realized that I probably will never learn to like lamb.

When I saw cinq cafe in KYOTO CAFE BOOK 2012 last month, it hit me that this was the restaurant to which we had gone and I got a sudden craving to go again, so early this month before work, I went for lunch.

a peek into the dining area on the left upon entering…the interior is Western, French-style, for the most part.

the front for the 旅館ryokan (Japanese-style inn) operating for 120 years and found on the second floor as well as another dining area

the view of the main room from my seat in the back room

The partition wasn’t drawn today to separate the rooms as it was the last time that I came.


This is where Jun, Shun and I sat when we first came.

the restroom

I was in the mood for the クロック・マダムkurokku madamu (croque madame), ¥1000, on the lunch menu which came with salad and a drink (I got アイスティーaisu tii (iced tea)).


The croque madame was delicious and filling; I’ll be craving that again.

I went again two weeks after to try the green curry; the waitress who had served me before recognized me and we chatted a bit. I sat at the same table; today the partition was halfway drawn to give more privacy to the tables involved.

鶏肉と季節野菜のココナッツグリーンカレーtori-niku to kisetsu yasai no kokonattsu guriin karee (chicken and seasonal vegetable green curry), ¥1050

It was a mild green curry, a little more salty than other green curries that I’ve had. but it was still very good and I’d have it again the next time that I’m in the mood for curry.

Update: Eight months after the last time, I went to cinq cafe to see if their lunch menu had changed; it hadn’t changed at all. I was seated in the room that my seat from last time had looked out on which was now walled up.

the table next to mine


Beyond that wall is where I’ve sat before; it’s now for the dining pleasure of smokers.


I had the green curry with ice tea again. The waitress that served me was different from the one before but the service was still great. I’ll be going back when I get a craving for their croque madame!

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