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I’ve been into Thai green curry for awhile now, so when I found THAI CAFE Kati in one of my guides, I made a point to go as soon as possible. After work in late September I made it over to the 南御所southern Gosho area where it is on 夷川通Ebisugawa Street after turning west from 麩屋町通Fuyacho Street.

The café is found on the second floor of the WOOD Building; a blackboard with the menu at the bottom of the stairs up helps in deciding whether to go to the trouble of going up (bottom left picture). The door to the café is a third made of glass (top center picture) through which one gets an idea of what the establishment may be like. The café interior is designed after an old-fashioned Thai café; it’s said to be painted in light blue in the image of a Thai elementary school (bottom center picture, top right picture and center right picture). Also, the child chairs (top left picture) and books (also in Thai) (center left picture) give the assurance that the café is child-friendly.

I chose the table facing the book shelf of children books; besides this table there were a couple more, plus a table in an area a step up that can seat about five or six people with a window facing out to the street (center picture); I refrained since I was alone. There were also several stools at the counter that looked on to the kitchen as well as more tables in the back (top & center right pictures).

I still looked through the menu (as I thought, everything sounded so good) before ordering チャ・マナ(タイの甘いレモンティー) (cha manāw, sweet Thai lemon tea), ¥550, グリーンカレー green curry, ¥900, and ジャスミンライスjasmine rice, ¥300. The green curry didn’t disappoint but then again, the chef is native Thai, so the food is authentic. The tea was just delicious; I’ll definitely order that again sometime. Since then, I went back with Mason when we were both in the mood for green curry and she thought the curry was just as delicious as I did.

Update: As of September 14, 2016, THAI CAFE Kati closed its doors after 14 years of service.

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