cafe&bar Cham

Going south on 御幸町通Gokomachi Street from 四条通Shijo Street, if one pays attention, he’ll notice the opening of a roji to cafe&bar Cham, an old renovated house.

I pretty much got there at 11:30 am when it opens but the sign still said “closed”, so I walked up to address one of the staff by the door; she must have not noticed me because she jumped and screamed when I said “すみませんSumimasen (Excuse me).” I apologized for scaring her before asking if they were open; I was led to a seat right away.

the entrance

the kitchen and counter seating

the table seating…the stairs to the second floor (filled with homemade furniture and the owner’s collection of miscellaneous goods throughout the café which serve the purpose of making first-time customers feel at home) are behind the wooly columns; behind it is a bookcase and there were books lining the steps.

the counter space next to my table

a private seat under the stairs

The mood of the café is fun and a mix of many tastes: natural yet pop, Japanese yet Western…I feel that just about anything will go here.

It looked like the most popular menu is “チキンオバーライスchikin obaa raisu (chicken over rice)”, so that’s what I ordered. I was surprised at how big that it turned out to be: salad, a side of fries and onion rings and spice-flavored rice with salsa and sour cream; it even came with a drink (I got アイスコーヒーaisu koohii (iced coffee)), all for only ¥950.


I also wanted to try かよこのフレンチトーストKayoko no Furenchi toosuto (Kayoko’s French toast), ¥550, made from bagels, another popular item on the menu, despite my full stomach but they weren’t taking orders for it until 3:00 pm and I had to get to work…I’ll be back to try them soon with work being close and all.

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