Cosy cafe

Cosy cafe is an organic café inside yoga studio TAMISA in the 寺町新京極商店街Teramachi-Shinkyogoku Shopping Street. When I arrived there last month in early October, they were putting out this sign.

I took the stairs to the second floor where the café is inside the shop for the yoga studio.

the view of the shop from my seat

True to its naming: this was it for the 掘りごたつhorigotatsu (low table over a hole in the floor) seats (except in the corner) which were all lined up in a row.

The café serves two lunches, a vegetarian one and a vegan one; I got the ベジタリアンランチ:さつまいもとブロッコリのキッシュ、ゴロゴロ野菜のベジスープbejitarian ranchi: satsumaimo to burokkori no kisshu, goro-goro yasai no beji suupu (vegetarian lunch: sweet potato & broccoli quiche, chunky vegetable soup),¥850; the water served was flavored with real ginger.


The meal was very filling (the quiche was a substantial size) and not only were the dishes delicious, I felt good after eating because it was healthy. The desserts looked good, too, but I had plans to do dessert and coffee at イノダコーヒー本店Inoda Coffee Honten…definitely next time.

Update: I went back to Cosy cafe a year and a half later on a whim when I saw the sign out (I’ve often passed when it’s not out) and was in the mood for something healthy and light for lunch before some last-minute shopping and work.

There was one other non-Japanese customer who seemed to have finished his meal…since I couldn’t stay for too long, I chose a four-seater table.

The first time that I came, I sat next to that wall which was not painted at the time.


After pondering over the menu a bit, I finally decided on the スムージーセットsmoothie set, ¥800, which comes with a smoothie and a choice of either a quiche, muffin or おむすびomusubi, or rice ball…I had to go to the counter, which looked more like a café counter now than when I first came, to place my order, quite different from the first time I came when the waitress came and took my order. But that was okay because it gave me a chance to check out what was there: I found big muffins, cookies and rusk, a few of the baked goodies at Cosy cafe.


The smoothie of the day was アボカドavocado and the quiche was 小松菜としめじのピーナッツバターしょうゆ味komatsuna to shimeji no piinattsu batah shohyu-aji (peanut butter & soy sauce-flavored Japanese mustard spinach and shimeji mushroom quiche)


I was expecting the smoothie to be creamy but it was a more tart than the one I had at Sunshine cafe…still good nonetheless. The quiche was an interesting mix of flavors and, yes, you could properly taste each ingredient mentioned in the name…I can’t guarantee that everyone would like it but I quite enjoyed the rich flavor and the delicious wholesome crust.

Since the baked goodies could be taken home, I chose the ほうれん草とキャロブチップhohrensoh to kyarobu chippu (spinach & carob chip) muffin, ¥350, and cookies (two for ¥93).


The cookies were ginger-flavored and quite hard but I absolutely loved them…they had a simple but tasty flavor that made me wish I’d gotten more. The muffin was satsifying in every way to me: hearty enough to be a light meal, healthy-tasting and delicious, sweet despite its ingredients…I could see why the staff mentioned it to me first when I asked for her recommendation.

This visit reminded me that I need to come more often; I want to try more of their baked goodies.☺

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