PÂTISSERIE.S is located on 高辻通Takatsuji Street off of 烏丸通Karasuma Street, quite accessible by foot from where I work. I found it noted in KYOTO CAFE BOOK 2012; I decided to go one day before work in mid-October last year after a quick lunch at Toru Cafe.

the display case of gifts to be purchased for home by the entrance

the display of sweets


the register area


There’s a bench for those waiting as well as a two-seater in the front.


counter seating for hitori-samas

the rest of the dining space with a restroom in the back


My guide book recommeded リュクスryukusu (Luxe), ¥650, so that I got; it’s made of fromage blanc and organic rose from Shimane Prefecture. I also ordered ホットシナモン紅茶hotto shinamon koucha (hot cinnamon tea), ¥500, without thinking about whether it would go well with my cake…it was fine, though, and warmed me up.☺


the inside of Luxe

It was heavenly, any girl or someone who appreciates beautiful food would love this.❤

At the end of October, I took Mason there so that she could try Luxe (she likes rose) but it was sold out. We both got little somethings to go…my choice was C.S.S. フランボワーズfuranbowaazu (frambroise, or raspberry).

“C.S.S.” stands for “caramel saku-saku (crunchy)”…I didn’t realize this until I ate it and then looked up the meaning. It was delicious once I got over the fact that it wasn’t chewy.☺ I’d like to try their macarons sometime!

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2 thoughts on “PÂTISSERIE.S

  1. That Luxe looks amazing! I’m missing all the inventive Japanese patisseries these days. Good thing there’s a cupcake shop nearby my workplace…


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