Named after the Wright brothers (probably because originally cockpits and old bicycles were collected here), WRIGHT商會Shoukai is on the first floor of the Wright Shokai Building on a side street off of the 寺町新京極商店街Teramachi-Shinkyogoku Shopping Street…I took this picture before it opened at noon in mid-October last year when I first went.


Although it isn’t known so much to the public, those in the know about antiques and café/coffee shops are familiar with this quaint little shop run by the owner couple; after closing at 8:00pm on the weekend and holidays, it turns into a bar until midnight.


I chose the small table exactly in the middle of the coffee shop which gave me a good view of the place.


my view of a customer near the front giving some love to Kintaro, the mascot cat who enjoys sitting on the lap of anyone who will give him affection

the table across from me

a “treasure chest” of antiques in the back

I ordered a カフェオーレcafé au lait, ¥500, which came in a stylish Frank Lloyd Wright cup; as a set with my café au lait, these cookies only cost ¥200.


coffee tickets for regulars

The door was open (still warm enough for that) letting in just the right amount of sound from the bustling shopping arcade to let me know where I  was but not enough to interfere in the peaceful atmosphere that the coffee shop affords. Before coming I had lunch at cinq cafe, so the café au lait and cookies were just the thing to appease my dessert and coffee craving before heading to work. With so much to keep one’s attention until leaving, it’s an ideal place to come alone as well as with a friend or two.

Update: It took me about two years and 10 months to go back to WRIGHT Shoukai and this time with Mica-san whose friend, the young son of the owners, works there now. We sat at one of the tables in front of the kitchen area so that Mica-san could talk with him when he was free but the café was bustling with customers and he was kept quite busy. This was my first time sitting in this area, so I took a couple of pictures.

the view of the entrance from behind the glass partition behind me


the kitchen area


We were a little peckish and got some old-fashioned オムライスomurice, ¥1000, which came with a drink (I got iced tea).


They had run out of cakes, also made by Mica-san’s friend; hope I can try some next time.☺

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