café Cherish

café Cherish can be found near the intersection of Yanaginobanba Street and Nijo Street. I remember having come across it for the first time with Laurel in spring of last year while on our way to church on foot: I found it lovely to the eye and best of all under the name, it said “café ・ waffle ・ goods”…I knew I’d be going back to check out the waffles.

I finally made it there when Rika and I met in mid-October last year, the first time in several months; I knew she would appreciate the place as much as I would.


The 1930’s English and French antique taste of the decor makes one feel like he’s stepped into a (romantic) picture book.

goods on sale near the entrance


the cute display that greets one when he walks in


the counter seating, perfect for having a drink, especially at night (yes, alcoholic beverages are served)…


and table seating in the back


When we arrived, there was no one there yet (although we were soon joined but a couple of customers not too long after settling in), so we chose a sofa seat that I thought to be the cutest and most comfy seat in the place.

After much deliberation, Rika chose the ツナとパプリカのクリームソースドリアtsuna to papurika no kuriimu soosu doria (tuna & bell pepper doria in a cream sauce), ¥1050.


Since I’ve mostly had sweet waffle dishes, I decided to try one of the waffle meals: スモークチキンとカラフル野菜のワッフルsumooku chikin to karafuru yasai no waffuru (smoked chicken & colorful vegetables waffle), ¥950.


I was asked to choose between two types of waffle batter: Hokkaido flour or rice flour…of course I went for the rice flour, because I love a moist and springy texture.☺

Rika couldn’t leave without having waffles, so she had the キャラメルナッツのワッフルkyarameru nattsu no waffuru (caramel-nuts waffle), ¥950 (good choice☺) with Hokkaido flour.


I was a bit full, so I just had a ヘーゼルナッツフレーバーコーヒーheezerunattsu fureebaa koohii (hazelnut flavor coffee), ¥590.


Provided the lovely yet natural atmosphere and the yummy nourishment (we were both very satisfied with our orders), Rika and I were able to completely catch up. With the weather warming up now, I’ll probably be craving to go again.☺

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