In mid October of last year, when I was going to two to three cafés a day, I planned for dessert at MISSLIM Tea Place after dinner at さるぅ屋Salut-ya, which are both in KYOTO CAFE BOOK 2012. From the pictures, with its white walls, blue-and-white-checked tiles (on the first floor) and vintage-style furniture (the concept is “fusion of India and England”), it looks like just the classy place to get an English-style tea experience. One would hardly think that it is an 80-year-old machiya if it weren’t for the high, lofty ceiling typical of most machiya. The café boasts 19 kinds of tea, including 屋久島Yakushima and 宇治Uji teas as well as other Japanese tea and not including seasonal flavors. Having this information in mind, I headed to 丸太町河原町Marutamachi Kawaramachi where it is.

I was disappointed to see that the window seat was already taken when I arrived.


the kitchen area…that’s the owner changing records that serve as BGM (that’s right, records!). And that dice-shaped thing hanging down from the ceiling is a cool speaker!


the other side of the first floor, including the stairs up to the second floor


Although it was mid-October, I was hot from my walk there, thus a bit flustered. After much contemplation and some discussion with the waitress, I ordered a ホットウォールオブローズ紅茶hotto wooru obu roozu koucha (Wall of Rose tea) and アップルパイケーキセットappuru pai keeki setto (apple pie cake set), ¥1250…I was curious about the rose-shaped プチ・フィナンシエpuchi finanshie (petit financier), ¥100, so I got that, too.


I was warned about the apple pie being hot but I still burned my tongue (hey, I have 猫舌neko-jita, which means that I can’t handle food and drinks that are too hot)! However, even the pain didn’t prevent me from thinking it was absolutely delicious with a cripsy, buttery crust and diced apple inside. It may be hard to tell from the picture but the financier was quite small and could rest in the palm of my hand (and I have small hands). But it was worth the ¥100.

It doesn’t matter what kind of loud nuisance or savage animal that you might be outside; once you step foot into this place, you will be tamed into the gentlemen and -women of which we are all capable.☺

A week hadn’t even passed before I went back for a second time with Mason, it being her first time…I knew that she’d love the place (I think that she had also known of it before, too).

Because it was a weekday, there were fewer customers, so we got to sit on the second floor at the largest table there.

cozy area for two or even ideal for sitting alone near the stairs


looking down from where we were sitting to the first floor


With her tea, Mason got the スコーンセットsukoon setto (scone set) which comes with two kinds of scone, フルーツfruit and プレーンplain while I got ジュリアJulia, which is a blend of ダージリンDarjeeling and カモミールcamomile, for the tea that comes with


the ベイクドチーズケーキケーキセットbeikudo chiizukeeki setto (baked cheesecake set), ¥1250…according to the very gentle (his mannerisms, his voice which was high, you name it) owner who served us (I think that he was manning the café alone that night), it is very popular.


Needless to say, Mason and I were very satisfied with our orders which were great for fueling some interesting conversation. I think that I want to pay a visit again in the near future.

Update: About ten months later than the last time, I went to MISSLIM with Maki after celebrating her birthday with lunch close-by. She hadn’t been there before and I knew that she would love the place being into tea as much as she is.

My mind was made up about what I would have as soon as I saw イングリッシュキャロットケーキEnglish carrot cake, with cream-cheese frosting, on the menu which I had with アイスシトロンice Citron tea for ¥1250.


We were lucky to get the sofa seat on the first floor where I’ve always wanted to sit (but couldn’t when alone), and we ended up staying for over three hours! Maki was just as pleased with MISSLIM (the atmosphere, the tea, the cakes and their presentation, the staff) as me. My cake was just like a top-quality carrot cake back in the States and when I was paying, I told them how pleased that I was with the cake and they were just as pleased to hear it . The tea, of course, was delicious which was further proved by Maki’s satisfied opinion. Another customer won over.☺

Update: About a year and eight months later, Maki and I made it back to MISSLIM for some tea and cakes after lunch at Le Bouchon; we took the sofa seat on the first floor, just like last time although I ended up sitting in the arm-chair while Maki got the whole sofa.

Maki ordered the Wall of Rose” tea and apple pie, my first order ever at MISSLIM while I had アイスピーチガーデンiced Peach Garden tea and ティラミスtiramisu cake set, ¥1250. Unfortunately, Maki failed to tell them that she wanted her tea iced, so they took some time to remake it…although it wasn’t the cafe’s fault, they still gave her some free tea out of responsibility for the mixup. Once again, great tea, nice cakes (they’re not homemade and ordered from a shop but still delicious) and excellent service.☺

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