Since I started hanging out with Maki these past several months, I’ve been partial to drinking tea; this doesn’t mean that I don’t like coffee anymore, it’s just that Maki can’t drink coffee at all and I’d feel bad taking her to an establishment where she has little options for drinks when we’re together. She is actually quite fond of tea and is quite knowledgable when it comes to places in Kyoto that serve good tea. When she invited me over to her house for an early celebration of my birthday last week, she served a flavored tea of fig and caramel from MLESNA TEA HOUSE KYOTO, the Kyoto shop for MlesnA, a Sri Lankan company that manufactures and exports Ceylon tea, with cake after our meal; it was delicious. She was surprised that I had never been there before (although I’ve seen it in TRAVEL❤ STYLE Kyoto 2012), so she suggested that we go sometime.

That sometime came on my birthday three days ago…after having Thai at 三条パクチーSanjo PACUCHI, we walked over to 錦小路Nishikikoji, west of 烏丸Karasuma where the café is.


Unfortunately the tables with armchairs were occupied, so we chose a seat by the window hoping to move when a table opened up.

the view of front from our seats


the front where many goods are on sale…there are 40 different kinds of tea available.


There are counter seatings, too, for those who want to watch their tea being prepared.


We were given a sampling of a new tea upon being seated…I didn’t catch the name of the tea but the flavor was of apples (MlesnA uses natural fruit juices to flavor their tea).


Maki and I both ordered the ワッフルセットwaffuru setto (waffle set), ¥1250, which comes with waffles and a choice of straight tea…I chose アイスベリーパリスaisu Berii Parisu (ice Berry Paris) which is a mix of strawberry and blueberry (I’m a sucker for berry flavors, especially strawberry).


I told them that they could put sugar in my tea, so my tea had a bit of sweetness to it which made it very easy to drink; being hot and thirsty from the walk over made my tea go fast as well. A deliciously flavorful and refreshing tea experience. ☺

I was so pleased with the tea that I ordered another one: アイス檸檬アールグレーティーaisu remon Aaru Guree tii (ice lemon Earl Grey tea), ¥750. I love lemon tea, so it was no surprise that I loved this one, too. I tried to make this one last longer (because we ended up staying for several hours!) although it took sheer willpower to not sip at it the whole time. Each order of tea comes with a snowball cookie and a chocolate-covered almond.


I will definitely be going back for my tea fix. It also looked like a nice place to relax, even alone.

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