In mid-July of this year Maki and I met up for dinner after she got off work. We had planned to dine at Miisuk off Oike going north on Gokomachi, a Thai café open since December 2011 which I had seen in a magazine on Kyoto café and sights at another café, but when we got there, we were told that they were reserved out for the night. This is the picture of the outside that I took before we found out that they were full from a reservation:


We tried again a week later (we both have a one-track mind when it comes to food, that’s why we get on so well, haha) for lunch…I arrived first, also being the first customer of the day.

the view from the entrance of the whole place…it was quite small but cozy.


I chose a seat in the middle of the dining area that held enough tables for five parties up to two or four people…my view of the place from there…


I had plenty of time to pore over the lunch menu which surprisingly didn’t include green curry (available just for dinner time, I suppose) and decide what to order because Maki got lost coming to the café (she’s as much a houkou-onchi as I).

When she did arrive, we ended up choosing the same dish: カオモックガイ (サラダ、スープ付き) khao mok kai, or rice curry with herbed chicken, ¥850


The fried rice was flavorful and just the right texture and the chicken was delicious enough to eat without dipping it in the sauce supplied for it…definitely a dish that I could have eaten forever although I was quite full afterward. I can’t wait to have it again!

Update: On my way to Café Biblilotic Hello!, I passed Miisuk while still contemplating what to have for lunch before going in to work; after getting my cupcake at Hello!, I decided on Miisuk as the best place for lunch. The only seat open was the four-seater next to the kitchen but luckily no large parties came and no one had to wait for a seat or be turned away.

I ordered the パスイユ タレー(スープ付き)pad siew thale (fried thick Thai rice noodles with seafood), ¥950, which came with ginger-based radish soup…I got マンゴジュースmango juice for an extra ¥250.


I guess I had expected something that looked more like pad thai, so I was surprised at how brown it was (probably due to the soy base of the sauce)..the sauce was one that I’m not accustomed to; it was savory with a tea flavor to it, or was that due to the edible flower petals? So many flavors that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but quite an adventuresome dish for me, and quite filling. I thought about leaving some of it but managed to finish it along with the soup which although was a bit oily for me, not a major feat, thanks to the ginger flavoring.

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