source. cafe & salon

Yesterday Katalin texted me about going to katte after work; luckily, I was able to get off at the time that she suggested.

Katalin kindly met me outside Jingu Marutamachi Station (I went by Keihan, the fastest way that I could think of going there) instead of going on to katte first by bike. She suggested checking out a new café which had just opened at the beginning of August this year which was diagonally across from us at the intersection of Marutamachi and Kawabata, a few doors away from ココカラCocokara azito cafe+share, a café that I went to with Mason in mid-June this year…now that I think about it, I remember walking by this café in July during construction.

chic yet natural exterior of source. cafe & salon


stylish yet comfy-looking inside…I liked it before even going in. Katalin liked the contrast of the colorful cushions against the simple coloring of the café.


From the signs outside, we could see that they specialize in coffee; their food menu also looked promising…since I needed to grab some dinner and especially Katalin wanted her coffee, this place seemed to suffice.

display case of homemade baked goods with the impressive espresso machine in the back…they also do coffee to go.


the table furthest back in a cozy little area (like a room) looking out into the little inner garden…to the left of this is a room that serves as an aroma salon for massages, facials, etc.


the view from the back of the front..I’m sure this place will be great for coming alone and getting some work done.


There were two staff on hand when we went: with a blond bob and one side of her temples shaved, the one that I assumed to be in charge was cool in a rock kind of way; pretty accomodating, she used a mix of English words and very simple Japanese to explain the menu to us (great for when non-Japanese-speaking customers come)…Katalin attributed her openness to being from Osaka. The other staff member, also nice, is from Oita Prefecture and she warmed up to us more once Katalin engaged her in talk about Kyushu.

According to the staff member in charge, the owner named the café “source.” because he wanted it to be the 源minamoto, or “source” of good things to come.

I had decided what I was going to order before going in (although that still didn’t stop me from looking through the menu): the source.特製丼tokusei-don (special rice bowl), ¥950; I also ordered a カフェラテcaffè latte, ¥550, inspired by Katalin.


The sauce for the rice bowl was light but with just enough flavor to help me finish it and be satisfied, plus the rice was just as I like it, not as sticky as Japanese rice gets. Usually getting the flavoring of a rice bowl right for the majority of customers is a bit tricky: some places saturate the rice with sauce so much that you’re tempted to ask for more rice while others skimp on the sauce causing leftover of bland white rice.

Along with her caffè latte, Katalin ordered the 旬の野菜のオーブン焼きshun no yasai no oobun-yaki (oven-grilled seasonal vegetables),¥980..when they found out that Katalin is vegetarian, they tried to leave out as much meat-related things in the recipe as possible. Unfortunately, no one predicted Katalin’s dislike for skin on her vegetable but no worries, because she just cut them off. ☺


Katalin was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the caffè latte; I agreed that it was pretty good.

After paying, I decided to get a slice of チョコサラミchoko sarami (chocolate salami), ¥80, on a whim for our walk to katte; when she found out the price and after she realized that it wasn’t really meat with chocolate in it, Katalin was inspired to get one as well.


It was an interesting mixture of textures: crispy outside with nuts, dried fruit and marshmallow bits mixed in with chocolate…it cured my craving for something sweet. It was a good thing that I thought to get it because katte ended up being closed when we got there!

Too bad source. is closed on Wednesdays because I’d be up for going back again tomorrow!

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