Griddle Restaurant NU-VO

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In early September on my way after work to 四条通Shijo Street on 柳馬場通Yanaginobanba Street, I noticed Griddle Restaurant NU-VO before it opened on the 17th; it advertised using griddles to which I immediately connected breakfast food like pancake, bacon, eggs, etc. I made a mental note to go there sometime since it’s close to where I work. I ended up going a week after it opened for lunch with my co-worker who had wanted to go since she discovered a new restaurant was opening close by. The exterior looked like that of a cute café more than a 鉄板焼きteppanyaki (Japanese style of preparing food on a hot steel plate, basically a griddle) place (top left picture).

There is a second floor but it was full from reservations, so we were seated at the counter near the back on the first floor (top middle picture) from which we had a nice view of the front of the restaurant (center picture) as well as the outside dining area (top right picture). The kitchen was in front of us and the griddle was pretty much right next to me (middle left picture). By now I could see that the Western-style food served here actually went with the style of the restaurant.

We decided to get one of the three 30品目を食べれるプレートランチsanjuu shina-me wo tabereru ranchi (the 30-items lunch) at ¥1000…I got the ハンバーグhamburg (steak) one which also came with お惣菜いろいろo-souzai iro-iro (various deli), 野菜のポタージュyasai no potaaju (vegetable potage), 季節のサラダkisetsu no sarada (seasonal salad) and パンpan (bread) (I also had the choice of rice) (bottom left picture). My co-worker got the 秋鮭のピカタ 茄子のトマト煮添えaki-sake no pikata nasu no tomato-ni-zoe (fall salmon piccata accompanied with tomato-stewed eggplant) without bread or rice (bottom right picture). We both agreed that the food was delicious. The base of the soup was potato, very creamy. The taste of each deli was an interesting fusion of Japanese and Western taste; you have to taste it to understand. My hamburg steak of coarsely ground meat was also a fusion of different kinds of meat that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but I liked the texture and light flavor of the sauce (rare because I usually eat meat without sauce to enjoy the natural flavor of the meat). Free drinks were provided on behalf of their opening; we each chose a herb tea (middle right picture).

The menu will probably change, especially due to the season; I’d like to go back and have more of their fare, possibly sit on the second floor which I didn’t get a chance to see. My co-worker actually went back with her father-in-law and got to see the second floor which she said was kawaii, or cute; they got to talk to the owner who said that it’s his first time cooking mainly with the griddle. Her father-in-law was also pleased with the place and has even been back a second time! ☺

Update: I’m not sure exactly when NU-VO closed down but this last weekend two years later, I discovered it closed and I confirmed the closing with my co-worker. I had meant to go back, especially after their renewal by adding café service…

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