Café chocolat

Located at the intersection of 三条Sanjo and 御幸町Gokomachi, Café chocolat is on the second floor of an old retro-style building dating back to 1928 (CAFÉ INDÉPENDANTS is in the basement of the same building). Since its opening in June 2003, it has grown in popularity due to its accomodation of any situation (from parties to dates, for meals or just coffee), plus it boasts some of the best barista in Kyoto, probably even the country.

Since chocolat is mentioned in one of my café books, I had to go, especially since it is so easy to find and get to…finally, Mason and I went for coffee in early October last year after lunch at ココカラ Cocokara cafe + dish.

the view of the sign out front from the second floor

the entrance…since it was the weekend, I wasn’t surprised that we had to wait.

We were eventually led to a table for two in a corner of the café. The interior is an off-white color that creates a sophisticated yet cozy environment appropriate for both a more formal occasion or just a casual meet…with feminine touches, it’s the kind of place that would attract more female customers.


the bar


a screen used during parties or for the occasional showing of films during business hours


I wanted latte art, so I chose a カプチーノcappuccino, ¥550…one partial to cappuccinos, Mason got one as well.

I requested a butterfly and they said they’d do their best. The barista on hand messed up on the butterfly but managed to salvage the mistake by making a rabbit…the little image to the side is supposed to be a tiny butterfly, though. ☺


Lovely latte art and a nice creamy and rich flavor…I’d come again for the coffee. ☺

And that I did do: a year later, just yesterday, I went back with Katalin and Sabina, Katalin’s friend who I met for the first time; Sabina wanted to eat, Katalin wanted coffee…I planned to do both. ☺

Katalin chose us a seat right in front of the screen.

There was a FINLAND FAIR (selling of goods, etc.) going on at the front in honor of the café’s 10th anniversary.




After checking out the menu between conversation, we finally got around to ordering…Sabina got the 自家製スモークサーモンとアボカドのサラダjikasei sumohku saamon to abokado no sarada (homemade smoked salmon & avocado salad), ¥750 (sorry, no picture).

I got the パルマ産生ハム・アボカド・フレッシュトマトのピッツァparuma-san nama-hamu abokado furesshu tomato no pittsa (Parma ham, avocado & fresh tomato pizza), ¥1280…with a thin yet chewy crust and a wonderful combination of toppings, it’s no surprise that I was satisfied with my order.


Katalin just had a cappuccino with a Rosetta for her latte art (sorry, I was unable to get a picture). I also got one for after my meal and was ecstatic to be brought this:


If you read my post for 小川珈琲 京都三条店Kyoto Sanjo Ogawa Coffee, you’ll understand why I was so pleased. The staff member who led us to our table and took our orders (he seemed to be in charge last night) resembled the popular Japanese actor, 向井理Osamu Mukai, and I told him so after he was done taking our orders; blushing while smiling from cheek to cheek, he said that he’s been told so a couple of times though most often not but that he’s happy and that it’s an honor to be associated with him. Katalin swears that I got a more extraordinary latte art than her because I had complimented him. ☺

Well, after that I did feel a bit more affection for the guy, haha! Thanks to him and that cappuccino, I ended the day on a high note! ♪ I’ll definitely be going back for the cappuccino again. ☺

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