Doughnut Cafe nicotto & mam

Opened in January 2010, Doughnut Cafe nicotto & mam provides donuts made from natural yeast and with no eggs. Every business day a different array of six to seven kinds of donuts of the 15 that the café offers is available; once the donuts sell out, the café may close earlier than 7:00pm.

the exterior of the machiya café


The shop is small but has a small café space for enjoying the donuts and having some drinks.


The one time that I’ve eaten in, I sat in this area.


The entrance opens right in front of the display case.


The first time that I had a nicotto & mam donut was in late January 2012 when my co-worker bought some and brought them in; she learned of the shop through her sister-in-law who used to be classmates in university with the owner…later, I found out that another acquaintance of mine was also classmates with the owner.

I figured if I like プレーンplain, ¥150, then all the donuts should be good.


Not at all greasy like most donuts, it was more like the chewy bread that I like; covered in sugar, it was simply delicious. At this time I also had the チョコレートchocolate, ¥180, (can be seen in the showcase above), which was good, too.

We were hooked…my co-worker went back again soon after (of which I had some) and less than two weeks later, we actually went to the café to have a snack before going home for the day.

I got ピーナッツpeanut, ¥180, and カフェラテcaffè latte, ¥320.


The donut was coated on top with peanut-flavored chocolate topped with bits of peanut…I couldn’t choose whether the plain or this peanut one was the yummiest, and I still can’t choose.☺ The caffè latte was, as expected, a good accompaniment for the donut.

We had more several times after that with me usually choosing plain or peanut.☺

When I went in late September last year, there was 紅茶koucha (tea), so I got that.


The tea-flavored glaze made the chewy texture even better..I haven’t seen this flavor recently, though.

And a few days ago, I went back near closing time…most of the flavors were gone but I managed to procure a plain and a 黒豆きなこkuromame-kinako (black bean powder), ¥170.


Bean powder usually gives off a nutty flavor, at least in my opinion…it reminded me of a fusion of plain and peanut, my favorite flavors, so it goes without saying that I found it absolutely delicious!☺

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