Hyakumanben boogaloo cafe百万遍店

I first went to the Hyakumanben boogaloo cafe百万遍店 in mid-March of 2012 when I met Ikon, David, Seiki and Sara with Kim-Chi for lunch before attending the 森の手づくり市Mori no Tedzukuri Ichi (Handmade Market in the Woods) at 下賀茂神社Shimogamo Shrine where Katsu was vending some of his delicious wares (Vietnamese sandwiches, tacos and onion soup). It was the first of the boogoloo cafe chain to which I went (Teramachi boogaloo cafe寺町店2F is the one I’ve been to the most of which I learned when I received a boogaloo café point card at the Hyakumanben cafe).

the view of the front from our table…plenty of sunshine pouring through this place


more view of the front area…stylish and comfy


the rest of the dining area plus the register and cake display case…that’s the all-you-can-eat bread bar at the right of the picture.


Sara ordered the サラダランチsarada ranchi (salad lunch) topped with two cheeses and potato salad, ¥850; this came with all-you-can-eat bread from the bread bar.


Everyone else had the パスタランチpasta lunch of 茄子とスモークサーモンのペペロンチーノnasu to sumohku sahmon no peperonchiino (eggplant and smoked salmon peperoncino), ¥850, which came with a small salad (not pictured) and bread bar (the bread pictured here is sesame and cheese).


The spaghetti was delicious (just imagine the combination of grilled eggplant, smoked salmon in a sauce with a slight spicy punch) and the bread was divine, especially with so much variety…I was too full to have dessert or coffee.

Although with 京都大学Kyoto University close by many students can be found at the cafe, especially with the reasonable food menu, it’s not unusual to find customers of all ages and walks of life at the cafe…an appealing cafe to anyone.☺

Despite smoking being allowed, I really felt it was the ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon chatting with friends with the cushy seating; I could also see myself coming here alone to relax for several hours or just watch the university town rush (well, quite often “ramble” as is the Kyoto way) by outside.

There’s a stone kiln that whips out some delicious pizza from what I hear…something I want to eventually try.

A month later, I went to the Hyakumanben boogaloo cafe to wait for Laurel to come back from the Say-Key booth at the 知恩寺手作り市Chion-ji Tedzukuri Ichi (Chion-ji Handmade Market).

my ケーキセットcake set:  ガトーショコラgatoh shokora (gâteau au chocolat) which came with ice cream and cornflakes (?), and カフェラテcaffè latte, ¥400


The gâteau au chocolat was rich and densely moist and quite a substantial size, so I’ll forgive about the cornflakes; my caffè latte was good, and cute at that.

Now having written about this place, I’m craving to go again soon!☺

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