cafe bali gasi

In mid-May I met Maki for lunch; since she had the car for the day, she picked me up at JR太秦駅Uzumasa Station. She suggested going to prinz and I was all for it because I’ve wanted to go since I saw it in 京都とっておきのカフェKyoto Totte-oki no (Favorite) Cafe; however, when we got there, no parking space was available and it didn’t look like anyone was going to leave for a while. Maki suggested cafe bali gasi, an Indonesian café in 北山Kitayama that she’s been to a couple of times before, to which I agreed; luckily, there was parking space available here.


near the entrance


bar space


the biggest table next to ours


The owner who visited Bali during her teenage years started this café so that people can have a place to relax with family and friends. The interior and furniture are mostly handmade to make one feel at home while there.

The windows were open to let in fresh air; although it was only May, it was quite toasty.

Almost always in the mood for グリーンカレーguriin kareh (green currry), ¥1050; Maki got this, too.


The curry was thick and creamy with just the right amount of spiciness; too bad it was served with Japanese white rice, otherwise I’d count it as one of the best green curry meals I’ve had in Kyoto.

We switched to a table near the open windows and had dessert:

エスブアes buah (Indonesian shaved ice), ¥880, topped with mango ice cream, plenty of fruits, condensed milk and syrup


Needless to say, this was just the sweet dessert to cool us down (from the weather and the curry) and help us to have a nice long chat through the afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “cafe bali gasi

  1. The es buah doesn’t Look Like a typicaL es buah in Indonesia, but it Looks deLicious ^^


    • You’re right, it doesn’t look like the es buah in Indonesia but don’t you think most food transform a bit away from their origins 🙂 ? The Japanese are good about making dishes from other countries into their own.


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