Before making it to Cafe BLUE FIR TREE, I heard about it through Kyoto café magazines and TV shows that mentioned it. Since it was within a fair walking distance from where I work, I decided to drop by in mid-November last year before work.

the old-fashioned sophisticated front entrance…it wasn’t too hard to find a little south of 四条通Shijo Street on 大和大路通Yamato-oji Street in 祇園Gion (if you walk further south, you’ll come upon CAFE OPAL).


The place was almost full being so small and since the front entrance was blocked by seated customers, I had to go through the entrance in the back. For such a small place, the seats were pretty big (and cushy). Besides the counter there were about two tables in the back.


The café is a bar at night, from 7:00pm-4:00am…cafe hours are from 9:00am to 6:00pm.


My seat was closer to the front.


I don’t know if it was because of Christmas being near but the cafe’s fir-tree was indeed blue.☺


I  decided to get the seasonal  hotcake, 幻のホットケーキ「秋」maboroshi no hottokehki (“fantastical” hotcake: fall), ¥700, as aドリンクセットdorinku setto (drink set) with ホットコーヒーhotto kohhii (hot coffee) for an additional ¥200.


The hotcake was topped with sweet-potato ice cream and decorated with sweet potato chips, diced sweet potato and maple syrup, the opitome of Japanese fall in my opinion. And for a hotcake, it was not only pleasing to the eye but good, subtly sweet, nostalgic of Japanese hotcakes in the past…even though I’m not Japanese, after 14 years of living here, I could understand that feeling a bit.

The staff was kind and polite and the atmosphere was cozy, perfect especially for the cool, almost cold autumn. However, the allowance of smoking was the only downfall I could see of the place but it couldn’t be helped, especially because the café doubled as a bar. I hope the next time I go, there won’t be so much smoking.

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