When I met Katalin in the 出町Demachi area, near the intersection of 河原町通Kawaramachi Street and 今出川通Imadegawa Street to check out cafes in mid-October last year after work, she specifically wanted to visit kitocafe which was always closed when she would drop by…luckily this day, it was open. I went upstairs to the second floor to grab us seats while Katalin parked her bike.


the view upon entering


I chose a seat in the middle of the cafe…this was the view to the left (there is a gallery free for those in need of one for a limited amount of time beyond the picture, to the right)…


in front of me…


and to the right where the kitchen is.


The facility that holds kitocafe used to be a hair salon; not only is it used as a cafe, it serves as a gallery, especially for artisans who want to display and sell their wares.

Katalin just got a カプチーノcappuccino, ¥550,


while I got the アボカド&クリームチーズ(ベーグル)サンドイッチavocado & cream cheese (bagel) sandwich, ¥700, which came with salad and tortilla chips, and アイスコーヒーaisu kohhii (iced coffee), ¥450, since I hadn’t had much to eat for lunch at work.


Although the cappuccino didn’t look like I had expected (it resembled a cup of bubble bath to me), Katalin said it was a decent cappuccino. My sandwich was pretty good although nothing too special but I’d have it again if I was there when hungry again…I felt the same way about the coffee, too.

But I did approve of the natural and homey atmosphere…I believe Katalin also was pleased with the place. Although it was early fall and a bit nippy outside, the cafe was quite toasty, so the windows were open to let in some fresh air.

We were presented with cookies in celebration of kitocafe’s third anniversary…unfortunately, the frosting got messed up before I could take a decent picture (supposedly the cookies were drawn with the faces of the owners☺); however, the cookies were still tasty.


I hope the next time that I drop by, it’ll be open.

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