& noma CAFE

Earlier this month after work ended early, I came upon & noma CAFE next to 左京消防署岡崎消防出張所Sakyo Fire Station, Okazaki Branch when I failed to get into mement mori for lunch. & noma CAFE had been on my list of cafes to visit for a while, I had just forgotten that it would be in the area, so I was lucky to have stumbled upon it when I was wondering what place would do for lunch. The café is connected to gallery & select shop noma, a shop that carries mostly vintage North European houseware and ware by modern craftsmen as well as jewelry from 里美ジュエリーSatomi Jewelry in New York.

clean white exterior


The place was full when I arrived but there was no one at the counter seating that looks into the kitchen; that’s where I decided to sit, in the most cushy chair in the middle, after being greeted friendily by the female staff member who seemed to be in charge of the cafe.

the view of the clean, chic dining area from my seat


the area close to the entrance


display of sweets at the end of the counter (those are doors to the shop and the restroom respectively to the left)


& noma provides meals using seasonal fruits and vegetables. After perusing the menu for a while, I decided on theエビと茹で卵のパニーニサンドセットebi to yude-tamago no paniini sando setto (shrimp & boiled-egg panini sandwich set), ¥1300, which included soup, the sandwich and fried potatoes.


Although a bit of my bread was burnt more than I preferred, the sandwich was still tasty as were the fries and (I believe corn) soup.

I added コーヒーcoffee for an extra ¥300 to have after the meal; since they provided milk instead of creamer (ick!), I was able to turn my coffee in a café au lait. While having my coffee, the フレンチトーストFrench toast, ¥580, that I saw on the menu kept coming up in my mind, though, so I ended up ordering some.


With トマトコンフィチュールtomato confiture and ラムレーズン入りのマスカルポーネチーズrum-raisin mascarpone cheese, it was a sophisticated type of French toast and although the rum in the mascarpone cheese was pretty strong (I’m just not a rum-raisin fan), it was still delicious, especially because the French toast was soft yet chewy and covered with quite a big of egg, just the way I like it (reminds me of my grandma’s French toast☺).

There were two female staff members most of the time; when the cafe got busy, the female clerk in the shop next door would come to help when there were no customers to tend to; I assume that clerk was the owner and the female head cook was the manager.

With delicious, carefully prepared meals and sweets and considerate and friendly service, I’d like to go back again, especially if I happen to be in the area.

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