NOTTA CAFÉ is a machiya café with a unique air located near 阪急西院駅Hankyu Saiin Station; they also sell selected goods and foods from all over the world. The café logo, the drawings on the wall, etc. are by Osaka-born artist, yamyam.

I became interested in visiting NOTTA CAFÉ when I ran across a magazine in which they and their Thai curry were covered. I didn’t make it until early November 2014 after work…although the café is tucked away on a small road in the neighborhood close by Saiin Station, I was able to find it without trouble.


When I arrived there was one customer at the counter seating looking out on the street as well as a family at one of the tables in the back; I chose the seat in front of the kitchen area.

the counter seating


the goods, including the café’s original ones, along the wall behind me


the table seating with yamyam’s drawings on the wall; that’s the door to the restroom to the left.


the kitchen and my table


the display of goods by the entrance


I hadn’t had lunch yet, so I immediately ordered the 海老ときのこのタイカレーebi to kinoko no Tai kareh (shrimp & mushroom Thai curry), ¥800, which comes with multi-grain rice and 自家製ホットジンジャーjikasei (homemade) hot ginger (drink), ¥500.


I was not disappointed with the delicious curry and the hot ginger drink was a good choice to have with it.

Of course I had dessert, too: レモンとホワイトチョコのブラウニーlemon & white-chocolate brownie, ¥500, with 今月のブレンド:ニカラグアブエノスアイレス農園kyou no burendo (today’s blend): Nicaragua Buenos Aires, ¥450…how could one resist brownie?☺


The brownie came topped with granola and with a side of vanilla ice cream. The lemon flavoring gave the sweet brownie a refreshing touch. The coffee was a bit too acidic for me but it went well with the brownie. The husband owner is in charge of coffee while the wife owner in charge of the sweets.

The solo customer left before I got my order, followed not too long after by the family who turned out to be family of the reserved owner couple, so I pretty had the place to myself for most of my time there (another customer arrived near the end of my stay) and was able to relax with reading material there, especially because the owner couple stayed mainly in the kitchen when they weren’t attending to customers. I’m definitely interested in trying more of their food and drinks.

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