With its use of monotone colors, DRIP&DROP COFFEE SUPPLY is a simply stylish café that opened in early October last year in the basement of PIECE HOSTEL SANJO along 富小路通Tominokoji Street south of 三条通Sanjo Street.

When meeting Mason in mid-July last year, I suggested going there since it would be our first time.

informative signs by the entrance outside down to the café


the bench seating along the wall


a coffee roaster by 煎りたてハマ珈琲Hama Coffee in 大阪Osaka (鳥の木珈琲Tori no Ki Coffee also has a roaster from there) next to the entrance


various coffee-related goods on sale at the front


I suggested sitting at the big table in the middle to which Mason obliged; we snagged the chairs at the end close to the entrance in to the hostel. My seat gave me a good view of most of the space, not to mention the utensils and condiments as well as the self-serve water server was within leaning distance from us.


the kitchen area


a cozy little corner with an armchair also available as seating…the door to the left leads inside the hostel where there is a restroom for the café’s customer use.


I lined up to order first while Mason checked out the goods on sale. The food, mainly sandwiches, and sweets (a variety of American-, French-, Italian-style ones) menus pleasantly surprised me; I hadn’t expected so much variety. The drink menu filled with the tried-and-true with a few interesting options didn’t disappoint as well. I felt bad about making the cute young female staff serving me at the register wait while I made some hard decisions but she was really sweet and no one was waiting on me.

After Mason and I ordered, we didn’t wait too long for our orders to be brought to our seats. Mason got the ホットドッグhot dog, ¥550, and WIFE&HUSBAND‘s Daughterドーター blend, ¥500, available at DRIP&DROP (I believe WIFE&HUSBAND uses the roaster by the entrance to roast their beans). I opted for anアイスカフェラテiced caffè latte, ¥500, and クロックムッシュデリボックスcroque monsieur deli box, ¥750.


My croque monsieur came with two sides of deli, a couscous salad and a bean concoction in basil sauce.


My caffè latte was perfect but it was my deli box that left me more than satisfied with its deliciousness…I’m definitely ordering that again, once I’ve tried everything else that also sound scrumptious. Mason seemed as satisfied with our visit. The casual and friendly environment was the perfect setting for us getting caught up and I had no doubts that I would enjoy it alone as well.

On a rainy day two months later, I was back deeming it an appropriate place to meet Ryo because they have Wi-Fi and Ryo hadn’t been by yet despite my strong recommendation. Since we were going to dinner afterward, I decided that a 抹茶ラテmatcha latte, ¥650, would be perfect. Non-sweetened and milder than its vivid color let off, it was a warm comforting drink after walking in the rain.

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